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If you are wondering how to buy gold in Africa, It is important to know that only cash money counts, especially in the Gold and Diamond Business. The customer pays 70% of the international market value into the ​company account in Africa​.​

At the current time the selling price is​ 10% below the market price​, minus the 3% tax results in a net selling price of 7% below the market value. The daily amount for the delivery is up to ​20kg per day​.​

African Sovereign Investment Strategic Partners LTD​ licenced dealer​ is responsible to buy gold from various dealers ​in Sierra Leone or in the surrounding countries, depending on the requested amount of the gold or any other precious metals.


We will get the ​papers from the Government ​GGDO/ NMA GOVT Gold Diamond Office​ or/and ​National Minerals Agency​, and deliver it to the customer in person.​

The customer is required to purchase a flight ticket (Business class) and three days of hotel costs for the licenced dealer. The gold will be handed over in exchange for the remaining money. The payment goes to our ​company account​.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and get​ the best deal on the market​, and the​ full logistic assistance ​from your new long-term partner.

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