Why is it important to buy gold from the trusted company?

​Whether you are an experienced gold buyer, or you’re new into the Gold & Diamond business, you must know that there is a ​billion-dollar business in Africa​, but also a business where 95% of the time you will encounter fraudsters. There are hundreds or thousands of business people who have already lost their money to shady gold transactions.

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​In order to protect yourself from such a scenario, it is very important to find a trusted company that has a work permit and the license to export the gold.

If you want to buy gold online, ​African Sovereign Investment Strategic Partners Ltd company​ is your ​best solution.

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Company account - important information for our clients

The amount is to be paid without deduction to the following ​company account​:

Account Name: African Sovereign Investment Strategic Partners Ltd.
Account No. in US$: 6376003230
Bank: Ecobank Sierra Leone Limited
Bank-Address: 3, Chartlotte Street, Freetown – Sierra Leone. P.O.Box 1007

​Don’t hesitate to contact us and get​ the best deal on the market​, and the​ full logistic assistance ​from your new long-term partner.

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